Bad Breath (aka. Halitosis or Malodor)

Bad breath can strike anyone at anytime and anywhere. The worst issue is, you may not even notice. That is why many people take mints, chew gum, or use mouthwash as regularly as possible. The hassle is, these things only cover up odors.

Chronic bad breath may be a sign that something serious is happening, it could be a problem with gum ailment or other medical conditions. Come talk to us.

If we discover that your halitosis is the result of trapped food or useless skin cells the treatment is easy. However, the tongue is also a significant source of awful breath. The rough surface of your tongue can lure meals and microorganism, and those substances generate volatile sulphur compounds, the number one reason for bad breath. We provide ProFresh®, a product clinically validated to get rid of odors thru the oxidation of those volatile sulphur compounds to get rid of bad breath, no cover it up. It is the most effective patented oral rinse that incorporates ACTIVATED (Molecular) Chlorine Dioxide which eliminates scent inflicting bacteria.

Contact our office to find out more about this amazing and effective products. We can schedule a private consultation, or answer your questions on the phone. Give us a call today!

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